Fossil Beach ~ Sucia Island, Washington

Fossil Beach ~ Sucia Island, Washington

It is not by regretting what is irreparable that true work is to be done, but by making the best of what we are. It is not by complaining that we do not have the right tools, but by using well the tools we have.
— Frederick William Robertson

You choose – career planning needs to be done with "intention.”

It is on you to do the work and continue to do the work….show up and make the effort. Choose what to do and who can best help you.

"The most important word in the English language is JOB.”

I heard someone say that and it really resonated with me. After all, what is the first question people ask when they  meet you?  “What do you do?” One’s career colors everything else in their life. I am in the business of giving people hope – hope for a satisfying and meaningful job. As a GCDF, I can provide you with the information and tools to secure that job. The development of a career needs to be done with intention – leaving very little to chance.

 You’ve taken the first step by coming to my website. Now contact me by clicking here and let's begin. 

You will receive a free 30 minute initial consultation to determine what your needs are and how I can help you. Every client’s situation is different. We will set a realistic time frame in which we both will operate and you will know what to expect and when to expect it.

Afterwards, I will submit a series of questions to you to glean the necessary information to help you reach your goals and we will get started. Keep in mind, the more you do, the less it will cost. These are life-long skills that everyone will need in this economy; the more you “practice” those skills, the better prepared you will be. My job is done when you don’t need me anymore. 

You can stop at any time.  There is no contract; the only commitment you have is to yourself and to your career.

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