I do the work so you don’t have to.

In a year’s time, I may gather 3500+ articles about career development in general including EVERY specific related topic imaginable – résumés, cover letters, interview prep, branding, LinkedIn, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It is an overwhelming amount of information – but especially for someone inexperienced in the process.  It is a tsunami of terms and commandments and scenarios.  I see my role as that of the rudder- helping to navigate the flood. It is my job to do the research – to paddle through it all and choose what will help each client – THAT’s the point of individualized service.

Résumés, for example, are adapted not only to each person’s needs (I can’t use a template), but also to the job they are seeking. Then, the cover letter is written in tandem with that particular résumé. The interview prep hinges on the job being screened for and the list of “intangible assets” - those talents and strengths that you bring to the marketplace - that I review is absolutely different for each person. Laced through this whole process is creating a "brand" for yourself, honing your "networking" skills, and having a digital presence. 

I can’t be everywhere serving everyone, though...the client has to "show up" and do their part.  I focus on one person at a time; they get my concentration and dedication to helping them land the job that they want.