In their lifetimes, our children will have 10 or more jobs – this is our new reality, and competition is fierce: young people today need an edge in order to succeed in the workforce.  It's never too early to start. 

Career-switchers, either by necessity or by design, were my initial target audience.  But, my GCDF, CWDP, and my HR experience have enabled me to influence “clients” right under my nose.  Though CATEC students may be tech-savvy and graduate with industry-specific skills, many don’t have a clue about the importance of first impressions or how to craft a résumé or how to conduct themselves in an interview.  I’ve designed a 6-part series of workshops that I’ve presented in several of our classes and they serve as the “finishing touch” to our goal of sending our students out better prepared for employment. 

I collaborated with Champion Tutoring to provide young people with an advantage: we give them the tools to become more polished, well-prepared, and career savvy as they enter the workforce. Whatever the opportunity—internships, scholarships, and networking—we can help.

 As a certified Global Career Development Facilitator and a Workforce Development Professional, it is my job to keep up with current employment trends. The Internet is awash with career information these days, and this glut of information can be overwhelming. I can translate this information for parents and students alike, including what employers want and what it takes to be the best employee possible. My 20 years of HR experience have given me a perspective that informs my Career Consulting practice.

In keeping with Champion’s personalized approach to teaching, I will customize my offerings to address your child’s individual goals. Throughout our Career Prep curriculum, I teach students the importance of highlighting their transferable skills, and our goal is to help students understand what it means to be an outstanding employee, no matter where, or for whom, they work. Our Career Prep offerings build upon one another—all the topics  address the interrelated skill sets that comprise and complete your child’s career plan. Click here for a list of offerings.