"It's what we do....."

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I met a woman several weeks ago when I was working with my horse and, while talking with her, I had an epiphany when she said what she said and everything is different now. 

I believe “things happen as they’re supposed to.”  

Having been blessed with the ability/interest/motivation to earn my certification as a GCDF, I am going to use that training to help people find meaningful work. I am going to help them because  that  is the difference I can make in people’s lives.  

The woman who set this in motion that day said a very simple statement to me.  She was standing with the couple who is letting me board my horse on their property.  It was the first time I’d actually met them face-to-face and I was falling all over myself thanking them for their generosity and this friend of theirs just said “it’s what we do” – sort of the same sentiment as “it takes a village.”  I am not sure why it took her saying it just that way to make that light bulb go off in my head, but it did. 

I am honored to help my clients find the dignity that comes from working.  It's what I' ll do.....